Beaver Hangouts

Engage. Inspire. eXPLORE.

Bring the Campus to your Classroom

At Beaver Hangouts, we strive to to promote college awareness and readiness by providing equitable access to engaging experiences led by OSU student outreach assistants.

The program is free and easily adaptable to your classroom’s needs. 

The future of Beaver Hangouts

After a hiatus, Beaver Hangouts will return for the 2023-24 academic year. 

Beaver Hangouts will continue to feature connections and conversations with OSU college students.  New for 2023, Beaver Hangouts will feature a variety of OSU programs from research to community engagement, and each session will include hands on activities for students to do in the classroom.

Beaver Hangouts can integrate into classrooms, advisory periods or after school clubs. Teachers can request specific topics and kits from the new Beaver Hangouts Session Library.   

Check here for new program offerings tailored for 4th-12th grade audiences. 

Topics covered in Beaver Hangouts

  • Career exploration
  • STEM and ELA enrichment activities
  • "Sea the Light" (STEM)
    • Learn about strategies that help students be successful in college through the lens of a deep ocean creature.
    • Create a light up bioluminescent creature using paper circuits.
  • "We're in the Same Boat" (STEM)
    • Learn about Newton's 3rd law through the lens of a varsity sport at OSU.
    • Design and race surface tension boats
  • "We're in the Same Boat" (SEL)
    • Learn about a varsity sport at OSU and practice teamwork, a college and career ready skill, through games and music.
    • Complete a team maze and design and perform a unique team rhythm.

The programs below are organized by grade level and theme.  Please schedule your hangouts at least three weeks in advance to ensure materials and staff availability.



9th Grade

Careers--A Day on the Job

Explore the day-to-day tasks of a career that interests you.

Goal Setting--High School Matters

Hear from college and industry leaders about the importance of high school even for students who don’t plan to continue on to post-secondary education.  Make 9th Grade goals.

Money Matters--Real Life Budget

Explore the lifestyle that different levels of education can support by developing and revising a budget.


10th Grade

Careers--Career Clusters and Job Outlooks

Play a game to learn about how career clusters link related careers to expand your career choices. 

Life after High School--Postsecondary Options

Compare and contrast post secondary options.

Money Matters--Keeping Track of your Money

Learn about the difference between checking and savings accounts and practice following expenses using an online statement.


11th Grade

Careers--Choose the Right Fit

Evaluate career options.  Explore strategies to overcome obstacles to career pathways.

Life after High School--College Majors

Learn what it means to declare a major. Compare and contrast colleges that have majors of interest and evaluate the job outlook for related careers.

Money Matters--Understanding Credit

Understand credit and identify actions that lead to good credit rating.


12th Grade

Life after High School--The College Essay

Identify personal strengths to highlight in a college essay and reflect on experiences that demonstrate your strengths.

Careers--The Interview

Practice tips and strategies for before, during, and after job interviews.

Money Matters--Post Graduation Year Budget

Create a budget for your year after highschool, whether you’re going onto college or the workforce.  Understand how taxes affect your paycheck and the basics of filing a tax return.


9-12 (suitable for any grade)

College Experience--College Panel

A traditional Q&A session. Interact with OSU students and get your questions about college answered.


Sports/Teamwork--"We’re in the same boat"

Learn about the OSU rowing team from a current student and practice teamwork through games.

Oceanography--"Sea the Light"

Learn about the Oceanography major, field research experiences, and careers related to ocean exploration.  Play a game to learn how light (and the lack of it) in the deep ocean affects the animals that live there.

Geology--"Field Camp Rocks"

Learn about the Geology major’s field camp experiences and what it’s like to have a student job in the Marine Geology Repository.  Learn how sediment cores can help scientists reconstruct past events.

Engineering--"Absorb the Shock!"

Learn about the typical day of a mechanical engineering major and the other majors offered by the College of Engineering. Learn how shock absorbers work and their applications to different careers. Construct and test a model shock absorber.